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Piles treatment photo picture proof:

When buying a piles treatment online, there is often the concern that the treatment is a scam or wont work. So the photos and picture of piles below, show how these piles responded to each of three popular online treatments: Venapro pills, H-Hemorrhoids essential oils and Neo Healar Cream.

Here's our Venapro photo picture results - one of the worst cases of piles I've seen.

Internal and external piles are easily treated with Venapro
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These pile photos were from a woman, but to be honest the piles you have may look different, likely no where near as bad. The photo on the left was taken prior to the Venapro piles treatment commencing. The second piles picture was how the piles looked after one month but the Venapro had been used on and off over this time, so not a great test, but you can see the swelling seems to be lessening and the colour in proving. The third piles photo was how they looked after 8 weeks, but Venapro was only being used on week days essentially, but a great effective healing by the look is taking place. The second from the right picture shows some further shrinking - that's the 10 week mark roughly. The last piles photo shows that the piles have shrunk away, all that is left after what is called skin flaps or tags - residual bits of skin left after such massive piles have shrunken away. It's important to treat piles early, so that the skin doesn't get over-stretched like this.

A long thin hair like strand of skin is left over from the big massive pile that shrunk down - the body may be having trouble reabsorbing it because of it being quite long - the massive internal pile is the round centre bit that can easily be seen in the first and second photos. Although you don't see the left over internal skin strand in the last picture, it is still there, but inside now. It is not an internal hemorrhoid, as there is no swelling anymore within in it, it is akin to the left over skin flaps.

As a point of interest, it is not just aesthetics that suggests we should avoid piles getting so big, we need to also realise that each skin flap or 'strand' is unable to support the blood vessel fully that had once swollen so big in or beneath it. With this support diminished, there is a real chance that if conditions are ripe again - e.g. constipation sets in - that the piles will develop much more quickly. So the earlier the piles treatment is commenced the better.

So these photos are actually quite constructive in more ways than just showing the Venapro piles treatment worked.


You should always get a proper medical diagnosis and seek the advice of a doctor before self treating, and commissions from the buying of products through the links we provide of course helps to keep our sites alive financially.


These photos pictures of piles were taken throughout the "H-Hemorrhoids" piles treatment

4 photos showing how H-Hemorrhoids piles treatment shrunk external piles

This is a picture of an external pile in a male. The first picture shows the swollen external pile prior to treatment, while the remaining 3 pile photos shows how the external pile shrunk over a six day period! Each of the treatment photos were taken two days apart. All up it took 6 weeks to shrink this external pile fully, but it may have been shrunk much faster had the male attended to eliminating or reducing the cause of his pile.

It was revealed through comments in emails, that the male was very, very athletic and apparently re-injured his pile causing it to swell again during treatment. if he had just rested for a spell, maybe the pile would have shrunk away in a fortnight with this piles treatment.


Neo Healar piles treatment pictures:

NeoHealar piles treatment worked fast.

These pile treatment pictures occurred over a five week period, and were gone in 8 weeks.

The male owner of this external pile was like the owner above, always on the go physically and not giving his body a chance to rest and repair. He has been plagued by piles it would appear, as the skin flaps are large and numerous. the actual bit you would refer to as the piles, is the swollen bit in the photo - about one third of the way down from the top in the first photo.

It was gone in about two weeks (2nd photo), but was re-injured it appears and re-swelled (4th picture), taking about another 3 weeks to shrink away.

Neo Healar Suppositories

Neo Healar suppositories cannot be tested easily using our standard testing procedure.

Being designed for internal use, to treat internal piles, realistically requires the piles pictures to be taken internally.

Taking internal piles pictures requires specially trained staff and specially made equipment.

BUT, working on it.

Conclusion on using piles photos / pictures to understand the effectiveness of piles treatments

The lesson from all these photos and testimonials about what happened, is that the body needs time to rest I think, while you are using the piles treatment. If you don't let the body rest, if you keep exerting pressure through straining etc, then the piles treatment may be working, but you are not giving your body the chance it needs to repair itself at the same time.

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