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Treatment Of Piles - Home Treating Piles Fast and Easy

The home treatment of piles - the four basic home types of OTC and online piles treatment:

OTC refers to Over The Counter, while online refers to any piles treatment that you can buy off a website.

  1. Piles Pills / Piles Tablets
  2. Piles Solutions and
  3. Piles Creams
  4. Piles suppositories

In more detail:

As a treatment for piles, the pills are an outstanding option:

  1. These pile treatments are taken orally – by mouth – which means it is clean and non-messy – no having to wash hands afterwards, nor finding somewhere private to use it.

  2. These types of treatments for piles enter the digestive tract and the lubricating, stool softening and anaesthetic ingredients get to the piles area within about 24 hours after being taken.

  3. Anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic and vein strengthening ingredients enter the blood stream and start working in about 30 minutes or less.

  4. There are no hidden or missed piles, as tablets work through the body's own systems to reach them.

Using essential oils as a piles treatment:

  1. Piles solutions – aka essential oils for the most part – are an excellent option for piles treatment as well. The essential oils treatment for piles is topically applied, typically by finger, to the piles, but it can be quite messy to get to the piles inside you – you have to insert your finger or a q-tip applicator about one inch or more inside your back passage. After using the essential oils hands have to be washed and the q-tip if used will obviously need to be washed as well.

  2. It doesn't really matter that much if you treat the internal piles directly, as the essential oils will spread out and cover the area, including any piles! As long as you get them in far enough, the oils will do their thing.

  3. As this piles treatment is almost immediately reaching the piles, it's effects are almost immediate – that is the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and pain relief are pretty well straight away.

Piles creams are by and large the most popular piles treatment around, everyone knows about them:

  1. The next line of piles treatment are the piles creams. Much the same as the piles solutions really. You apply with fingers to the piles you can feel and for the piles inside you, the tube of cream often comes with an applicator. The applicator is attached to the tube and the applicator is then inserted up the back passage for the length of the applicator and you squeeze the cream in. After using you have to wash hands and the applicator if you used it.

  2. Again, pretty similar to the essential oils piles treatment - as long as you get the applicator in far enough, it doesn't matter if you apply directly to the piles or not inside you, as the cream will spread out and cover them anyway.

  3. The active ingredients in this type of piles treatment get to work very fast and can achieve similar results to the essential oils treatment.

Piles Treatment by Suppositories

  1. This type of treatment for piles is preferred over the pile cream or pile solutions, as suppository piles treatment is the more safer and correct way of going, when treating piles that are internal or prolapsed. The suppository treatment of piles is unsuited for external piles though. Suppository piles treatment is also normally quite expensive in comparison to just a tube or bottle.

  2. With this type of piles treatment, you need to insert a bullet shaped waxy substance through the anal canal with your finger. The suppository then melts and covers any internal piles in the active ingredients.

  3. The down side is that the suppository may melt in your hand if you hold it too long and if you don't push it right through the anal canal into the rectum (about 1 inch or so) it will tend to just slide right out of you.

Where is the proof that the piles treatment suggested here actually work?

That was a big concern of mine for some time - yes the ingredient lists were good and so these pile treatments should work - but did each piles reatment really work or was it just a scam? So I tested each piles treatment on real piles on real people - apart from the suppositories - and you can see the photos /pictures of each piles treatments on that page, along with some explanations of getting the most out of the piles treatment you select. Remember this page has real images of piles, not just pencil pictures or pen etchings.

Some things you may not realise about pile treatments:

  1. If you choose the option of piles treatment by means of pills, be aware that if the pills contain ingredients such as witch-hazel, they are not so good, as witch hazel although good in a cream is not really that great when taken by mouth, witch hazel is known to be a trouble maker as it passes through the digestive system. So if you use pills containing this and notice anything odd, such as pain/wind/bloating etc. this might be the cause.

  2. Choosing the option for piles treatment by Creams and Solutions, well, they are designed for external use but should be suitable for internal if it is stated they can be used that way in their directions AND they come with the manufacturers applicator to get the right amount inside you. If you use a piles treatment that is not suited to internal use, then doing so might expose your rectum to overdosing by the active ingredients, as the rectum readily absorbs the ingredients incredibly faster and incredibly much more than an external pile, as the rectum is part of the digestive system.

  3. In comparison to creams and solutions, suppositories are ideally suited as a treatment for internal piles, because the active ingredients have been greatly reduced in most of the suppository pile treatments so as not to overdose the rectum or your blood.

  4. When a piles treatment comes with a money back guarantee that it is side effect free, don't believe for one moment that they are really saying the piles treatment has no side effects – piles treatments can have a myriad of side effects, most not that bad, but the guarantee is really saying, if you have a side effect, you have your money back if you tell us and send the piles treatment back. Essential oils, for example, can be pretty good when it comes to getting rid of piles and relieving the symptoms of piles, they are a great piles treatment, but I know one of my testers had an allergic reaction to one ingredient and it made her life not very nice for a week or so. Made the whole area act up etc. It was disappointing for her, as the piles treatment started off working a real treat - until the delayed allergic reaction started - she was even using this piles treatment to treat the aches and pains in her feet, that she got from standing all day (not a recommended use of this piles treatment by the way).

Author: Donald Urquhart, B.A., Dip.App. Psychol., Retired Psychologist - now non-practising. No Appts. Copyright 2011- present.

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